Go back
to the origins

Find out why eating at an Asador Aranda is a total experience.

A way of cooking
A way of working that makes us unique

Slow cooking in a clay oven which improves the texture of foods and their succulence,
also enhancing the flavour and preserving the nutritional qualities of the produce.

Natural ingredients, real and responsible food to entrance the palate.

We offer vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as menus
adapted for people with food intolerances.

Because we understand the great value of dedication in the kitchen
and the enjoyment of good food, we have
options for all tastes.

Exceptional spaces
A special atmosphere that will surprise you

Comfortable places with personality where you will forget about time.
Places that are just what you need and ideal so that a dinner with friends,
a first date or a fine family feast are truly memorable.

Restaurants where every detail counts, full of enchantment and loving
care to create unique and memorable experiences.

Eating well and being together
What counts is the experience

People who value fine cuisine know that eating is not just eating.

Eating is an experience for the senses: taste does lead to other places,
smell enhances the experience, sight is entertained and touch perceives every detail.
The company, the space and the smallest details round out the experience to make it just perfect.

At Asador de Aranda you will enjoy the experience and the pleasure of know-how and fine dining.
A unique gastronomic experience.